Dr. Chia, Dr. Kobayashi and Dr. Shen funded by the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (Special Round)

Three COM faculty members received funding from the Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme (Special Round) hosted by the Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office. The special round PPR is set up to “identifying the underlying causes and recommending solutions to address the deep-seated problems of Hong Kong society through conducting evidence-based policy research.”

Dr. Chia proposes a two-phase project to examine the possibility to employ fact checking, a practice of information verification or correction conducted by an independent and neutral party, to enhance citizens’ acceptance of valid media messages, restore social trust, and facilitate reconciliation.

Dr. Kobayashi aims to identify the common ground between citizens from pro-establishment and opposition camps. The project will also estimate the effects of political compromise on public opinion on the key issues in the unprecedentedly polarized Hong Kong society

Dr. Shen aims to identify the most effective methods of political communication between individuals holding opposing ideas. The project involves a series of experiment studies exploring the effectiveness of deliberative conversation on reducing political attitude polarization in Hong Kong.