Prof. Zhu Appointed to Serve on CCF Task Force on Big Data

Prof. Jonathan Zhu has been appointed by China Computer Federation (CCF) an overseas member of the newly formed Task Force on Big Data ( TFBD, ).  Among the 70 members, 44 are from universities in mainland China, 16 from industry, and 10 from overseas including 4 from Hong Kong.  The body aims to explore ways to promote interdisciplinary collaboration, university-industry partnership, open source/data practice, and other emerging issues in big data research.

As a social scientist engaged in long-term collaboration with information scientists, Prof. Zhu has participated in several platforms related to interdisciplinary research in the age of big data.  He served a respondent in a keynote speech by director of Microsoft search engine in the annual conference of International Communication Association ( in May, a participant in the 424th Xiangshan Science Conference on Web Data Science ( in April, and will serve a co-general chair of the Fourth CCF China National Conference on Social Computing ( in the coming November.