Mainland Young Scholars’ Program Accepts Applications

The highly acclaimed visiting program for Young Media and Communication Scholars from the Mainland is now open for application.  The application form can be obtained from the following location:

The selected scholars will be invited to take residence for one month, either in next March or next April.  They will have plenty of opportunities to interact and collaborate with one another, and also with COM faculty and students.

Since its inception, the program has hosted 113 young scholars from major universities throughout China.

Besides the visiting program, every summer a forum, known as duowen yaji, is held, this year in Taipei from 19 to 22 August.   Dr. J.C. Cheng, former Minister of Education, was invited to deliver the keynote speech.  A panel discussion was moderated by Professor Lee Chin-Chuan, with a distinguished list of media scholars and professionals as panelists—including Huang Chao-sung, former president of the China Times; Chen Ching-ho, former board chairman of TTV; Prof. Lin Liyun of National Taiwan University; Prof. Liu Youli of National Chengchi University and a former member of the National Communication Commission; and He Rongxing, deputy editor-in-chief of the China Times.  The form was prominently reported by several local newspapers, CTV and TTV.  Prof. Lee was also interviewed by TTV with reference to duowen yaji forum.

A total of 44 mainland scholars participated in the Taipei forum.  They visited TTV and were received by its general manager.  They also had a two-day cultural tour.  See some of the articles written by the participants: