Google Policy Fellow Named


The Department of Media and Communication at City University Hong Kong is pleased to welcome Henry HU Ling as a Google Policy Fellow. COM is the host of the Google Policy Fellowship Program which has been launched for the first time in Hong Kong.

Hu has been selected from a competitive and talented applicant pool of more than 40 students from all universities in Hong Kong. He is a PhD Candidate in legal theory at the University of Hong Kong. His dissertation examines internet content regulation in contemporary China (1994-2009). His research interests are “not only in the legal dimension of cyberspace, but also in other crucial aspects of information technology from broader subjects and research fields such as media study, political economy and complex network science.” Previously he served as the Editor-in-Chief of Peking University Law Review (2005-2006).

Hu will take residence in the Shaw Creative Media Building and work with COM faculty members for 10 weeks this summer. Each Google Policy Fellow receives a stipend of US$7,500.