2011 Young Scholars Bid Farewell

Two batches of fourteen young scholars from mainland China visited COM in March and April. In four weeks’ time, they interacted with COM faculty members, worked on their proposed projects, and immersed themselves in local Hong Kong culture.

This year’s participants, like their counterparts in previous years, have expressed much appreciation for the opportunity that enhances professional growth and bonding. Dr. Wang Chenyao from Peking University writes, ‘without pressure and edicts, academic research returns to its original state, becoming pure, and easy to connecting different bodies of knowledge.’ Dr. Tang Xiaobin, a historian from East China Normal University feels ‘internal freedom’ after spending time with COM and Hong Kong. ‘It’s like back to school time’, says Dr. Wang Kai of Zhejiang University. Dr. Shen Guolin, Fudan University, describes his CityU visitation as an important ‘life experience’. All these articles are available at the Program’s webpage https://ccr.cityu.edu.hk/duowenyaji/duowenyaji_scholarlist/

The CityU COM Young Scholar Program started in 2005 and so far 97 in total have taken part. They represent almost all of China’s more prominent universities. Under the coordination of Dr. Shen Fei, the program helps forge strong academic relationships between COM and mainland universities.