Study Trip to Central South University

During the Christmas season, 13 students from the Department of Media and Communication and 10 students from the College of Business participated in the study tour arranged by the Central South University (中南大學). In the tour, the CityU students not only experienced the Hunan culture but also immersed themselves in the Chinese heritage.  
The aim of the tour is to increase CityU students’ understanding of the Chinese culture, Hunan media, and to witness the latest development of Hunan province.  Within the 8-day tour, the students visited Hunan TV, Yueyang Tower, Museum of Hunan Province, High-Speed Train Institute, and took part in the Interdisciplinary Studies of Communication and Journalism Forum held by the Central South University. This cultural exchange experience allows the students to appreciate the spirit of the Chinese traditions and to enrich their knowledge in the communication and media studies.  The activities started on 23 December and ended on 30 December.