Web Ming Lab forms strategic collaboration with Fudan New Media Lab

Only July 18, Prof. Jonathan Zhu of the Department and Prof. Minghua Yin (Dean of Journalism School, Fudan University) signed a memorandum to establish a strategical collaboration between the Web Mining Lab of the Department at City University of Hong Kong and the Shanghai New Media Lab at Fudan University.  Under the framework, the two Labs will carry out a variety of joint projects on research, training, grant seeking, tool development, and other activities of basic and applied research.

The Shanghai New Media Lab is a research center funded by the city of Shanghai and housed in School of Journalism at Fudan. It brings to the collaboration cutting-edge facilities and close ties with new media industries in Shanghai and nearby Yangtze River Delta. The Web Mining Lab contributes to the collaboration its technical expertise and international networks. “We share common goals and also complement each other in many aspects,” Prof. Zhu commented.
Among the first batch of joint projects is a joint workshop for social media analysts and educators, to be held at Fudan later 2015.

(Jonathan Zhu)