“To Serve the Nation”: New Book Published and Others On the Way

A major volume on press history, entitled 《報人報國:中國新聞史的另一種讀法》(To Serve the Nation: Journalists as Prisms of Chinese Press History), has been published by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Press.  Edited by Professor Lee Chin-Chuan, this volume marks a sequel to its critically acclaimed predecessor, 《文人論政:知識份子與報刊》 (廣西師大出版社,2008;政大出版社,2008)


Both volumes have grown out of conferences organized under the auspices of the Center for Communication Research (CCR) and the Department of Media and Communication (COM).  The newly published volume contains 14 chapters over 518 pages, with interdisciplinary contributors of historians, media scholars, and literary scholars that span across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.   The aim is to promote cross-fertilization by maintaining open interaction between historical studies, the humanities, and social sciences.


According to Professor Lee, Director of CCR, two more major volumes bearing the CCR emblem are forthcoming.   First is “Communication, Public Opinion, and Globalization in China,” scheduled to be published by Routledge.    The volume is based on a comparative survey study on media and globalization; authors include such CCR members as Francis Lap-feng Lee, Chin-Chuan Lee, Mike Yao, Tsan-kuo Chang, Fen Lin, and Fei Sheng.


The other volume, “Internationalizing ‘International Communication’,” will be published by the University of Michigan Press.  One reviewer of the manuscript writes, “This is in many ways an incredible collection of essays written by some of the most distinguished scholars in the field of media and communication studies.”  The other reviewer says, “This collection brings together a star-studded list of scholars ….the volume is unique and doesn't really have a direct competitor.”