PhD Student Qin Jie Published the 3rd Translated Book

Qin Jie, a third-year PhD student funded by the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, has published her third Chinese translation of Cultural Studies: The Basics, originally authored by Jeff Lewis in 2008. The translated version, coauthored with Guo Zhenzhi, is published by Tsinghua University Press.


The book is part of the Series of Translated Textbooks in Journalism and Communication, edited by Guo, a Professor of School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University. 


During her two-and-a-half year studies in the lab, Qin has published two other translated books, both authored by Arthur Berger: Games and Activities for Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies Students, and Making Sense of Media: Key Texts in Media and Cultural Studies.

(By Qin Jie)