50 Mainland Young Scholars Return to CityU

The fourth annual conference on Chinese communication research will be held at CityU from 1-5 August, the place where the whole project started. 

Since 2005, the Department of Media and Communication (and its predecessor) has hosted 97 young communication scholars from almost all of China's top institutions. Close to 50 alumni will return to their home to attend the conference. 

The papers to be presented focus on media and journalism studies, the Internet research, globalization, as well as PR, advertising and crisis communication. COM faculty will collectively provide two symposia, the first on internationalizing international communication research while the other on various aspects of current research.

Many alumni have expressed their excitement at visiting COM's cutting-edge technological infrastructure and innovative curriculum especially the use of new media as a platform to teach various skills in the landmark Shaw Creative Media Building. 

Following two days of intensive paper presentation, they will revisit some of the most attractive spots in the planned outings.

revious conferences have been held in Nanjing, Kunming, and Xiamen. They were jointly sponsored by the Department of Media and Communication and the Center for Communication Research, in collaboration with Nanjing University, Yunnan Normal University, and Xiamen University.