Advances in Discourse Analysis

“Advances in Discourse Analysis,” edited by Professor John Flowerdew, Professor Vijay Bhatia, and Dr Rodney Jones, will be published by Routledge. The volume results from a conference held a prelude to the establishment of the Center for Communication Research.

Dr John Erni has recently delivered a keynote address, entitled “Between Culture and Rights”, at the 2005 Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Conference, Sydney, Australia, November 25-27, 2005. In this lecture, he challenges the international field of cultural studies to be politically engaged with human rights practices in order to better address questions of social justice. Colin Sparks,

Professor and Director of the Communication and Media Research Institute at the University of Westminster, gave a seminar entitled “Global media corporations' strategies toward the Chinese market” from 2:00 to 3:30 pm, November 18 in the New Media Lab (Y7544). Professor Sparks has been a distant observer of the role of the media in China's social transformations, and he played a leading role in setting up the China Media Centre at Westminster. His talk brings together his interest in the relations of state and market in China and his work on the nature of global media.  

Professor Chin-Chuan Lee was an invited speaker at the Duke University, October 27-28, in an international conference on Chinese television and globalization. His paper is entitled “Big City, Small Place: Clientelism and the Media in Shanghai.” It is part of a CERG project in collaboration with Dr Zhou He and Dr Yu Huang (Hong Kong Baptist University).