Research Highlight

Emerging Media: Use and Dynamics

Xigen Li

In the digital age, new media emerge regularly. Communication patterns change along with the rising media channels, innovative ways of information delivery and exchange, and opportunities of online involvement and social interaction. When media change at a fast pace, questions concerning media use, the factors shaping the changes and the social impact of new media use rise continuously. The current status of emerging media development calls for extended exploration of how emerging media are used in different patterns and contexts, and how media use in the digital age brings about the changes to online communication and social interaction. This book answers that call

The book provides an understanding of media use in the expanding digital age and fills the void of existing literature in exploring the emerging new media use as a dynamic communication process in cyberspace. It addresses emerging media dynamics during the second decade of online communication, the Web 2.0 era after Mosaic and Netscape.

The book is a comprehensive examination of emerging media evolution and concurrent social interaction. It has three primary features:

  1. Provides a comprehensive analysis of digital media use and online communication with empirical data along the lines of media evolution;
  2. Contains studies that are both theoretical and empirical. These studies not only test the communication and other related theories in the age of digital media, but also provide new insights into the understanding of the important issues in digital media use and online communication with significant theoretical advances;
  3. Contains studies that use a variety of research methods and approaches, including surveys, content analysis and experiments, and demonstrates how complicated communication problems in academic inquiries can be solved effectively and adequately through the proper selection of research methods.


Published by Routledge (2016)
ISBN: 9781138940697 (Hardcover); 9781138940703 (Paper); 9781315674155 (eBook)