PhD Student Publishes in Top Journals

Sai Wang, a PhD candidate in the Department of Media and Communication at City University of Hong Kong, has recently published single- and lead-authored articles in top journals. The study published in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media investigates how the presumed effects of uncivil news comments on other users influence perceivers’ intention to engage in restrictive or corrective counteractive measures. Another study published in New Media & Society examines factors influencing cyberbystanders’ likelihood of intervening in cyberbullying on social media. The study published earlier this year in the Journal of Product & Brand Management explores the psychological process through which negative news coverage of a celebrity endorser influences consumer attitudes and purchase intention. “In less than a year, Sai has published three thought provoking articles in top-tier SSCI journals and presented four papers at major international conferences. She is one of the finest outcomes of our PhD program and is already an independent, productive researcher,” said her PhD supervisor, Dr. Ki Joon Kim.
Wang, S., & Kim, K. J. (in press). Restrictive and corrective responses to uncivil comments on news websites: The influence of presumed influence. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.
Wang, S. (online first). Standing up or standing by: Bystander intervention in cyberbullying on social media. New Media & Society.

Wang, S., & Kim, K. J. (2020). Consumer response to negative celebrity publicity: The effects of moral reasoning strategies and fan identification. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 29(1), 114-123.

Wang and Kim attending an international conference