COM students won several short film awards

The department congratulates students Ngai Mei Sze (倪美詩), Chan Wai Kin (陳偉健) and Fong Tak Sang (方德生) on winning several awards in short film competitions.

1.《窮畫故事》won「夢想系Live your dream短片比賽2019」 SONY 創意嘉許獎作品.

2.《詩人說夢》won champion in 巜隨夢飛行 無限可能》The Next Influencers 2018-19 competition.
Link to the video:

3. 《潮爆世代》 won champion in “Be a part of a Brighter Future! Step forward for a financial planning career under the Sun”, Classified Post InnoGen Video Competition 2019.
Link to the video:

The department gives its warm appreciation to Mr. Birdy Chu for his efforts in tutoring and bringing opportunities to our students.