COM students commended at China Daily 2018 Campus Newspaper Awards

A COM team of five has won Second Runner-Up of Best in Video News Reporting for their submission to the China Daily 2018 Campus Newspaper Awards.
The team’s video news report “Exit Number System of Hong Kong’s Highways” (探討香港主要幹線的出口編號效用) was produced under the supervision of Ms Elsa Kwok Wing Kum, experienced news reporter and anchor, and part-time lecturer at Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong.
Exit Number System of Hong Kong’s Highways” was shortlisted from amongst a staggering 724 submissions to the Awards; their competition included submissions from 37 other universities in Taiwan and China.
Best in Video News Reporting – Second Runner-Up:
LEE Wing Tung (Majoring in Media and Communication)
LEE Wai Yee (Majoring in Television and Broadcasting)
TAM Wai Hang (Majoring in Television and Broadcasting)
WONG Yat Hei (Majoring in Television and Broadcasting)
YUNG Kenny (Majoring in Media and Communication)
Video news report “Exit Number System of Hong Kong’s Highways”
Synopsis of the winning entry:
The Exit Number System on highways, launched in 2003, was supposed to facilitate drivers in their route selection. But drivers have found that the additional information confuses, rather than simplifies. Experts say conveying too much information on the signs may actually lead to chaos and could lead to traffic accidents. In the wake of its 15th anniversary, this story revisits the Exit Number System and examines its overall effectiveness.
李詠彤 (媒體與傳播主修)
李惠儀 (數碼電視與廣播主修)
譚偉恒 (數碼電視與廣播主修)
黃溢僖 (數碼電視與廣播主修)
容家耀 (媒體與傳播主修)