COM Hosts International Conference to Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary

The Department of Media and Communication at City University of Hong Kong hosted an international conference at the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center on November 4th, 2018 as part of its 10th Anniversary celebration. The conference titled Towards New Frameworks of Media and Communication Studies “Beyond the West”  featured 17 distinguished scholars from 11 leading universities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Approximately 100 people from all over the world attended the conference.

This international conference had four major themes: Computational Communication Research, Communication Studies in Asian-Pacific Perspectives, Impact of New Media on Communication and Society, and Political Communication in Cross-national Context. The speakers presented their studies on a variety of topics, such as computational research on social media, data journalism, new frameworks of media and communication research, Asian geopolitics, social identify, selective avoidance on social media, user experience, co-evolution of method and theory, interactive media effects, political network size and agreement, political news consumption, and political demonstrators. The speakers and attendees also communicated and networked with each other during the conference. For details on the conference, please visit