Prof. Zhu Talked to Chinese High School Teachers on Social Science Education in the 21st Century

A group of 40 administrators and teachers of key high schools in Mainland China visited Dept. of Media and Communication on Dec 4, 2017, shopping for university programs for their high school graduates next year. Jonathan Zhu, Director of CCR and Chair Professor of Computational Social Science, gave a talk on what social science curriculam in the 21st century looks like at first-class universities.

In the talk, Prof. Zhu emphasized the increasingly interdisciplinary approach taken by many schools/departments at world first-class universities to prepare undergraduate and graduate students for the fast changing world.  He showcased various computational method courses experimented by Dept. of Media and Communication to illustrate what, why, and how social science students should learn to meet the challenges of the 21st century, characterized by big data, artificial intelligence, and many other discruptive technologies.

“[The] talk offered a balanced view of CityU as a University strong in science and engineering but also excellent in social sciences and humanities,” commented by Dr. David Cheng, Vice-President (Global Services) and organizer of the event.