In-house Workshop on Web Mining Kicked Off

An in-house workshop on Web Mining kicked off on April 22 ( Third four people from the Department of Media and Communication participated in the workshop, including 5 faculty members, 20 PhD students, and 9 visiting scholars from mainland China. The 4-day Workshop introduced, on a step-by-step basis, how to collect, preprocess, analyze, and visualize web data by using both existing tools tools (such as NodeXL, Visual Web Ripper, Wordle, and etc.) and self-developed programming scripts (such as R and Python).  



The 6 speakers of the workshop are all from the Department, including 2 faculty members and Dr. Marko Skoric, and 4 doctoral students of the Web Mining Lab. The workshop started with Prof. Jonathan Zhu on an introduction to web mining, followed by Hai Liang on collection of web data, Zhenzhen Wang on preprocessing of web data, Chengjun Wang on analysis of web data, and Jie Qin on visualization of web data, and concluded by Dr. Marko Skoric on social and legal issues of web big data.  They will demonstrate a variety of existing.




The Workshop continued through April 25.

 (by Jonathan Zhu)