Four Doctoral Students Won a Grant to Run Acting Workshops

Bruno Lovric, Valentina Scialpi, Daniel Madrid Morales, and Yuan Zeng, all of whom are first-year PhD students in the Department, have recently been awarded $99,566 by the University Grants Committee (UGC) and CityU to organize a series of acting workshops for students during the next 12 months.  The workshops, branded as “Break a Leg”, are designed to enhance the internationalization of campus life as local and non-local students work together throughout innovative and creative theatre works.  The grant is the largest amount among a dozen student-led projects that won the internationalization competition.


Mr. Lovric, the initiator of the efforts, said that the project “encourages international collaboration in a welcoming environment and it also engages a community by inviting students to join as audience or participants”.  Shows will start in April, with more information available at


(By Jonathan Zhu)