New Young Mainland Scholars Arrived

Our Center's “Young Mainland Scholars” program has started today. Having received enthusiastic applications and gone through a rigorous selection, seventeen young scholars of journalism, media and communication are invited to visit our Center and the Department of Media and Communication for one month in two batches. The first one consisting of nine scholars has embarked on their visit on March 1. During their one-month visit, they will attend a number of academic lectures, exchange with leading international scholars, and work on their research with the assistance of the rich collection of our university library. The first batch of young scholars includes:

  1. Bai Hong yi (Shanghai Academy of Social Science)
  2. Li Biao (Renmin University of China)
  3. Ke Yan (Communication University of China)
  4. Xu Jincan (Peking University)
  5. Liu Yong (Anhui University)
  6. Fu Xiaoyan (Nanking University)
  7. Zhang Ning (Nanjing Normal University)
  8. Zhang Zheng (Tsinghua University)
  9. Deng Shaogen (Jinan University)

To maintain the kindred spirit and intellectual influence of this invisible community, the past visiting scholars established an informal association “Duo Wen Ya Ji”, a name taken from Confucius's Analects to mean “making friends with people of wide knowledge”. In August 2011, the past scholars reunited at the City University of Hong Kong for the Fourth Forum on Chinese Communication Studies.