Professor Lee to Hold ICA's Master Class

Professor Lee Chin-Chuan has been invited to hold a Master Class at the annual convention of the International Communication Association (ICA) on 27 May 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.  His topic will be “On being an international scholar.”


This will be the second year in which ICA hosts master classes at the conference.  Besides Professor Lee, this year's Master Classes will feature James Curran (University of London), Stan Deetz (University of Colorado, Boulder), Jack McLeod (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Mark Knapp (University of Texas, Austin), and Dafna Lemish (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale).

ICA President-Elect Cynthia Stohl was quoted as saying that this programming was designed to give junior scholars “the opportunity to meet and hear from the most eminent scholars whose works have strongly influenced them.”

Professor Lee says that he is honored and humbled by this invitation.