COM Faculty and Students Present 13 Papers at IMACR

COM faculty members and Ph.D. students presented 13 papers at the annual convention of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), held in Braga, Portugal from 18 to 22 July 2010. “These papers represent lively colleagial collaboration between faculty members and graduate students as part of the socialization process,” commented Professor Jonathan Zhu, the Department’s research coordinator.
This crop of 13 papers adds to the 24 papers presented at the International Communication Association (ICA) and two papers to be presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).


Section Presenter Title
Journalism Research and Education Chin-Chuan Lee, Charles Man*, Francis L.F. Lee Elite British Press Discourses on Tiannanmen – News Icon
Political Communication Research Chin-Chuan Lee, Hongtao Li*, Francis L.F. Lee Tiananmen as a News Icon: Examining U.S. Elite Press’s Editorial Discourses
Visual Culture Fen Lin, Mike Yao Information and Cognitive Processes in Art Appreciation
Mediated Communication, Public Opinion and Society Fen Lin, Chin-Chuan Lee Hierarchical Attitude and Mediated Communication — the Micro-translation of Globalization in China
Communication Policy and Technology Fen Lin, Xinzhi Zhang** Online Activism, Framing Strategy and Media Representation — The Green Dam Youth Escort Software Incident in China
International Communication Francis L.F. Lee, Chin-Chuan Lee, Nina Luzhou Li*** The Uses of “Democracy”: US Foreign Policy and Discourse about China in the Wall Street Journal, 1993-2008
Journalism Research and Education Francis L.F. Lee, Chin-Chuan Lee, Nina Luzhou Li*** The Chinese Peasants in the Process of Economic Reform: An Analysis of New York Time’s Editorials and Opinion Columns, 1981-2008
Crisis Communication Li Qian**, Wan-Ying Lin Corporate Blogs: New Opportunities for Organizational Crises Response
Crisis Communication Ni Chen Addressing the Media: A Study of China’s Government Spokesperson System in Times of Crises
Mediated Communication, Public Opinion and Society Stella C. Chia Building an integrated model to examine how intrapersonal communication, and mass communication create pluralistic ignorance
Crisis Communication Zhengye Hou, Shujin Jiang** Legitimation Endeavor: A model of “Orchestrated Persuasive Communication” practiced by the Chinese Government in Public Crises
International Communication Xiong Zhuang** The Role of Media in the Consequences of Social Movements in China