Five Competitive Papers of Communication Research Students at ICA 2008

Five research students in Communication have successfully made into the competitive paper sessions of the incoming conference of International Communication (ICA 2008):  Jiang Shujun (Penny), Peng Taiquan (Winson), Song Jing, Zhang Jingguang (Andrew), and Zhong Zhijin.  Jing and Zhang are supervised by Prof C C Lee and Penny, Winson and Zhijin by me.

As many of you know, the annual conference of ICA is the most competitive meeting in the field of communication around the world.  We had students going to ICA in the past.  However, this year has broken the record not only in terms of the number of papers, but also measured by the successful rate (five out of the six submitted).  While there is no official information available at the moment, it is likely, based on past conferences, that CityU research students will form the largest “Asian legion” in the highly visible ICA 2008, to be held in Montreal, Canada in May.

Communication research students have also been active in getting published in SSCI-listed journals.  Dr Zhou Yueqiong (Christina), an associate professor of Communication School at Shenzhen University, who is considered to be one of the most productive SSCI authors in mainland China, wrote two SSCI journal articles while studying at CityU under the supervision of Dr Zhou He.  Winson, who is to complete his PhD this year, has already published one SSCI article with a few more in the pipeline.  Even in her first year in the program, Zhijin completed two manuscripts, both currently under review at SSCI journals.  The record of SSCI publications by our students has clearly outperformed competing programs in the region.