About the Center

The Centre for Communication Research was founded in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science at the City University of Hong Kong in 2005 . The center was initially funded by the University, supplemented with external grants from such sources as the Research Grants Committee of Hong Kong, Google, and the Taipei City Government. The core members are at the forefront of research and publication in International Communication, Media Effects, New Media, Communication for Social Change, and Political Economy of the Media. Closely affiliated with the Department of Media and Communication, the Centre has collaborated with a wide network of interdisciplinary scholars from around the world.

Unraveling global discontents in the Chinese society: The role of media and individuals' negative perceptions about globalization

Wan-Ying Lin Like many other major transformative processes, globalization produces winners and losers. While large-scale surveys and cases studies have revealed different levels of resistance to globalization in many countries all over the world, little is known about how this movement is received or opposed in the Chinese society. This study intends to unravel global

Keynote Speech on the Status of Communication Research

Professor Lee Chin-Chuan was the invited keynote speaker at the annual conference of the Chinese Communication Society held in Taipei on 4 July 2008, and again at the first Young Communication Scholars' Forum held at Nanjing University on 1 August 2008. His speech was entitled “Communication Research: Its Identity Problems and Further Challenges.”