About the Center

The Centre for Communication Research was founded in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science at the City University of Hong Kong in 2005 . The center was initially funded by the University, supplemented with external grants from such sources as the Research Grants Committee of Hong Kong, Google, and the Taipei City Government. The core members are at the forefront of research and publication in International Communication, Media Effects, New Media, Communication for Social Change, and Political Economy of the Media. Closely affiliated with the Department of Media and Communication, the Centre has collaborated with a wide network of interdisciplinary scholars from around the world.

Does Warm Glow Promote Physical Activity? Using Self-Benefit versus Other-Benefit Incentives to Motivate Fitness App Use

On September 28, 2020, we had a research seminar led by Dr. Guanxiong Huang from COM. Dr. Huang gave an insightful talk about how self-benefit and other-benefit incentives offered through a mobile app can promote physical activities. The findings provided profound implications for the corporate sponsorship program partnered with fitness apps, and more broadly, effective

PhD graduate Nan Zhang receives 2020 Environmental Communication Division Dissertation Award

The Environmental Communication Division of the International Communication Association (ICA) recently announced the winner of its 2020 Environmental Communication Division Dissertation Award. Dr. Nan Zhang, a former PhD student of the Department, has been selected to receive this award for her PhD thesis entitled, “Constructing a Green Public Sphere: Environmental Activism and the Role of

PHD student orientation was held online

The Department of Media and Communication held its PhD student orientation on September 9th, 2020. We warmly welcomed one of our largest ever cohorts, with nine new students joining our program. At the orientation, held via Zoom, the students were introduced to our faculty, administrative and technical staff, and their fellow PhD students from older