Conference on Modern Chinese Press History to be Held in early December

The Center for Communication Research (CCR), in collaboration with the Department of Media and Communication, will host the second conference on modern Chinese press from 4-5 December 2009. It will focus on the concept and practice of press freedom in modern China.


This is a sequel to the conference held in April 2007, which has resulted in the publication of a highly acclaimed volume, “Literati cum Political Commentators: Intellectuals and the Press in Republican China” (文人論政:民國知識分子與報刊), by Guangxi Normal University Press in the mainland and National Chengchi University Press in Taiwan.


“Social understanding would not be complete in historical vacuum,” said Professor Lee Chin-Chuan, head of the Department and the director of CCR, “Given our strategic position and available resources, we are happy to provide a forum that would give much-needed impetus to interdisciplinary research on modern Chinese press, which can be seen as a window on the larger political, economic, and cultural contexts of modern China.” Sixteen noted historians and media scholars from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States will come to the City University of Hong Kong to present their papers.


The themes of this conference include (a) the Chinese press and liberalism; (b) western influence and Chinese adaptation; (c) the impact of press commercialization and professionalism on press freedom; (d) the Nationalist government's media policy, the Nationalist-Communist media rivalry, and implications for press freedom; and (e) exemplary journalists in modern China.


Planning is also underway on another conference, “Media Representations of China.” CCR and the Department will co-sponsor the conference. Participants will include leading scholars from a dozen countries around the world.